Youth Devotional

Weekly Devotional 

March 25th 2024

Commitment to Christ 

When you hear the words “dedication” or “loyalty,” what comes to mind? Does the concept of commitment ever seem frightening to you? From careers to relationships, the lack of commitment in our culture is everywhere. The concept has affected the heart of the church as well. The term “Christian” is supposed to refer to someone who lives their life “following Christ.” Yet, if you look at the church today, many believers only follow Christ when it is convenient and/or easy for them. True commitment to Christ involves a determination to follow Him all the time, no matter what!
What does the Bible say?
Note what the Bible says hinders our commitment to Christ:
 John 12:42-43 – A desire to please people over God.
 Heb. 2:1 – Being distracted which causes us to drift away.
Note what the Bible says helps our commitment to Christ?
 Deut. 6:5 – A love for God that consumes our whole existence.
 Ps. 51:10 – A desire and passion to live godly lives.
 John 6:66-68 – A focus on Christ who has the words of life.
 Eccl. 9:10 – Making the most of the time we have on earth.

What should I do?
A commitment to Christ is about living for God no matter the cost! It is a willingness to make necessary changes in your private and social life and a willingness to be bold and take a stand for truth. A committed Christian realizes that any other pursuit in life falls short of the joy that comes with living wholeheartedly for our Savior Jesus Christ (Phil. 3:8)! Does the level of commitment you have need improvement?

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