Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Welcome to our Missions page, here at Praise Assembly we are very supportive of Missions and we recognize the need for Missions and Missionaries. We support Assembly of God Missions as well as our Local Missions right here close to home. We understand that this world is hurting to hear the Gospel, so we are doing our part to help get the word out! If you are interested in supporting Missions or you just want to find out more, go to the Bottom of the page and fill out our form and someone will reach out to you within 24 hours. 

Who we support

Assemblies of God Missions 

Mission Field 

Galen Hertweck
Stephen Lehmann
Chris Oaley
Asley Penley
Phyllis Rose
Abraham Sobezak
Jeffery Stamp
Brian Whitaker
Grayson Bambusch
Ryan & Grace Wilhite
Scott & Cathy Miller 
Chi Alpha
Pen Asia
Ctrl. Eurasi
Iseral/ Palestine

Local Missions

House of Refuge
Right to Life
CCRP (Christ Center Recovery Program)
Glen Alpine Food Pantry
Vessel of Mercy
Jamie Torres Ministries
Teen Challenge of the smokies
South Mountain Christian Camp

Check out the links to some of our Mission groups!

Join the mission

Serve the Kingdom on our upcoming mission trip to:

At the Moment we do not have any Mission trips scheduled for the year 2024. Keep checking in though, the year is still fresh and plenty of time for something to come up! 

Encourage our active missionaries

Write and encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.