Youth Devotional

Weekly Devotional 

March 18th 2024

Devotional Time

As believers, we have a desire to grow in our knowledge of God and learn more about how we can live for Him. A daily devotional time allows us this chance to hear from God and share what’s on our heart with Him every day.
What does the Bible say?
Note what insight these verses give concerning devos:

  1.  Mark 1:35 – Jesus Himself set aside time for prayer.
  2.  Matt. 6:5-6 – Helpful to find a place to humbly pray in a quiet. 
  3.  Ps. 5:3; 88:13 – Devotional time is often in the morning
  4.  Ps. 119:11 – Knowing God’s Word = key for victory over sin. 
  5. Ps. 119:105 – God’s Word gives needed direction for life.

What should I do?
The Bible gives us principles and examples of what our devotional time should be like. Think through how to answer these questions concerning how to have a devotional time:
Where? A place that is quiet and away from distractions
 When? In the morning, or a time of the day you can set aside
How much time? Enough to be meaningful, yet not unrealistic
 What to do? Share your heart with God and listen to Him

•Prayer: Adoration, thanksgiving, confession, requests
•Bible reading: Read a portion each day.
Ask what truth,command, lesson, (etc.) is God teaching you from His Word
Devotional time gives us moments with God that allow our relationship to develop and grow. Just like any relationship, communication with God is important (both speaking and listening)! Devotions do require some discipline and planning, but when they become a habit in our lives, our relationship with God will never be the same!


Tonya Buff - March 19th, 2024 at 7:24am

The word devotion makes me think of being devoted, committed, set aside. I want to take time for Jesus because I am devoted to serving Him, committed to a life that is set apart from what others may do. I know that Jesus is faithful to me, He is concerned about me. He gives me life, love, and favor. Surely I can give Him time in my day to talk and meditate on His goodness! Thank you Jesus❤️

John - March 19th, 2024 at 8:28am

There is a “Key word” in this devotion, and that is discipline. In order for us to create a habit we have to be disciplined. Make God first everyday before anything else!

Knowing Gods word is victory over sin!