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March 1st 2024

The Call to be Different

As we look at our society, we learn a lot about our modern culture. There are various expectations placed on us, and even pressure to fit into the mold of society. Sadly, many attitudes, perspectives and behaviors do not match that which God would desire us to have. In our study today, let’s see what Scriptures says about the call to be different.
What does the Bible say?

Look at Numbers 14 (Israel approaching the Promised Land):

  • How did Joshua and Caleb’s perspective of their situation cause them to stand out (vv. 1-9)? 
Joshua and Caleb trusted God and were committed to Him, whereas the people were afraid.
  • What did the Israelites think of Joshua and Caleb?
 (v. 10) They did not like the fact they were different. They hated them.
Note v. 30 - Only Joshua and Caleb received the blessing.

  • What does v. 24 say was so different about Caleb that set him apart from the other people? 
He had a different spirit and his heart was set on following God completely.

  • What do these verses say is the goal of being different?
 Rom. 12:1-2 – Don’t conform to the world, but be transformed.
Matt. 5:10-16 – Let your light shine so others may glorify God.
Rom. 8:29 – Our goal = be conformed into the image of Christ.

What should I do?
As followers of Jesus Christ, we are not called to look or act “weird.” But we are called to rise above the norm and live a life that glorifies Christ. Others may not like it, or even under- stand it, but when we are determined to live our lives for God, we will be different! In what ways should this calling play out in your life? In what ways should people see Christ in you?

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John - March 4th, 2024 at 10:31pm

As followers of Jesus, we are the light! In this day in time darkness is everywhere and the light is being covered up. I challenge each of you to conquer darkness each day with light! Show the world u live for GOD!