This is the Day

Mar 11, 2024    Tim Tebow



Describe your ideal day. What would make that day go well? What would you hope would happen?

Every day is a gift from God and packed with potential to bless him and others. This series with Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow, is all about seizing the opportunities God gives us each day to obey him and love others.


Watch Session One: Live on Purpose (8 minutes).


Tim started the session telling a story of being on an airplane and sensing God prompt him to pray with a woman and her sick husband. When he said yes to what God asked him to do, he was able to help the woman as her husband passed away. When has God prompted you to do something for another person? Did you obey? What ended up happening?

It’s common to feel God nudge you to do something for him or for another person. Maybe he’s asked you to pray for a friend at church or tell a cashier she’s doing a good job or give a meal to a homeless person. What difference do you think Tim made in the life of the woman he helped on the plane?

When have you seen God make a difference in someone’s life through you?

Tim talked about living out what’s on your heart. He said we should stop saying we’ll do certain things for God “one day.” Instead, we should take advantage of today and do what God asks us to do. What are some examples of “one day” thoughts and dreams? Why do you think we sometimes put off doing the things God asks us to do?

Tim explained that we should seize the opportunities God’s placed before us today. We should make every day count. What are the opportunities God has placed before you today? What could it look like to make today count?


Read James 4:13–17.

In this passage, James tells Christians to be aware of how brief their lives are. We cannot know what tomorrow will bring, but we sometimes act like we do. These verses give an example of assuming you’ll have good business for the next year. What are some other examples of us assuming we have control over tomorrow, next week, or even next year?

Why do you think we tend to forget that we have no control over the future? What do we do to try to keep the future under our control?

James offers an alternative to boasting in the future in verse 15. Instead, we should acknowledge that God is the one who holds our future in his hands. What are some ways we can remind ourselves that our lives are in God’s hands?

Tim spoke about making the most of today. We only truly have control over how we think and act today. What could it mean for you to focus on making the most of today, instead of stressing about the future?

In verse 17, James says that anyone who knows what they should do and doesn’t do it is in sin. What’s one thing you know God has asked you to do? What could you do this week to obey God in that area of your life?

You can make the most of today. You have control over how you react to the situations God places you in each day. This week, let’s choose to seize the opportunities God has for us. Let’s live for him and see how he uses us to glorify him and love others.


Select an activity from the list below to begin applying the lessons of this session to your life.

Pray: Every morning, take a few minutes to pray for God to give you an opportunity to serve others throughout the day. Ask him to make you aware of the needs around you and give you the desire to meet those needs.

Read: Read chapters 1–3 of Tim Tebow’s book This is the Day.

Remember: Spend a few minutes writing down some ways God has taken care of you in the past. Whenever you feel anxious about the future, read back over your list and remind yourself that God is with you and he is trustworthy.

Serve: Choose one person in your life to serve this week. Wash your neighbor’s car, take your pastor or small group leader out to lunch, or write a note of encouragement to a coworker.